Why Buy a Used Toyota SUV

Why Buy a Used Toyota SUV | Toronto, ON

When you’re buying a used SUV, you have a lot of options. So why should you buy a used Toyota SUV? Let us tell you the many benefits of doing so at Downtown Toyota!

More room for people and cargo

The most obvious benefit of buying an SUV is the increase in cargo and passenger space. The great thing about the Toyota SUV lineup is that it offers a wide range of vehicle sizes to suit your exact needs. You can opt for the smaller C-HR or the mid-size RAV4 for a moderately sized cabin. Or move up to larger SUVs like the Highlander or 4Runner for a roomier interior. Check out the cargo capacities for recent model years of these popular models:

  • C-HR: 377 litres
  • RAV4: 580 litres
  • Highlander: 658 litres
  • Venza: 1,560 litres

Off-road-ready for adventures

Toyota SUVs are also versatile in that they let you explore a lot of areas that you typically can’t get to in a sedan or minivan. Many Toyota SUVs, including the RAV4 and the Highlander, can be equipped with all-wheel drive that improves traction on rugged terrain. These systems also help you when the roads get especially icy here in Toronto. You can also find specially designed Toyota SUVs with higher ground clearances and off-road-ready exterior features like roof rack rails and all-terrain tires.

Affordable luxury appeal

If you’re looking for an SUV that appeals to your luxury sensibilities, Toyota has plenty to offer there as well. For instance, the Venza has recently returned to the Toyota lineup and can be equipped with upscale amenities like remote start, multi-zone climate control, a Wi-Fi hotspot, heated seats, integrated seat memory, navigation, and a heated steering wheel. With the money you’re saving by buying used, you can splurge on a higher trim with many of these amenities.

Used Toyota SUV models near me

You can learn more about the many used Toyota SUVs we have available here at Downtown Toyota in Toronto, Ontario, by contacting our team or visiting us!