Tire rotation is an easy service to carry out -but one which mustn't be overlooked.  Leaving all four tires in the same position for extended periods leads to uneven wear due to the vehicle's weight distribution.  Uneven tread wear is unavoidable but this can be evened out by rotating tire position. The weight of a car is not distributed evenly, with the heavy engine usually at the front - meaning more weight on the front tires which also take care of the steering duties. When you brake, the weight of the car shifts forward. Add in cornering and it's easy to see why tires need to be rotated for optimum performance and safety.

The exact rotation pattern depends on the vehicle and the type of tire, so be sure to check the owner's manual for important information regarding the recommended pattern for your particular vehicle. Just a few minutes of maintenance will result in even wear and improved handling and performance.  And remember - many tire manufacturers require regular rotation in order to keep their tire warranties valid.

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