Winter Accessories at Downtown Toyota

Take on winter with confidence this year and explore the winter accessories available here at Downton Toyota in Toronto. Whether you’re looking to outfit your vehicle to perform better throughout the beautiful winter season in Ontario, or are looking for more adventure-oriented accessories, the team at Downtown Toyota has you covered. Read on with our team as we highlight some winter-ready accessories for your Toyota vehicle, available for sale at our downtown Toronto dealership.

Toyota COMFORT+ Accessories

A lineup of accessories to make your life easier no matter the temperature, explore Toyota’s COMFORT+ accessories from Toronto’s Downtown Toyota dealership.

Battery Trickle Charger

Providing a slow and steady charge to your vehicle’s battery if you’re on the go and plan for parking for extended periods. Keep your battery charged and ready to go, especially when temperatures get cold.

Engine Block Heater

Your solution for cold weather months, connect your engine to a standard 110V household outlet. Installing a heater will keep your engine block warm, along with essential internal fluids. If your vehicle is usually parked outside in Ontario, an engine block heater is a must.

Cabin Warmer

Warm your cabin before entering your vehicle, with no idling required. Toyota’s cabin warmer utilizes your vehicle’s battery to provide the optimal amount of cabin warmth, automatically adjusting to not use excess electricity once the cabin is at an appropriate temperature. The cabin warmer is accessible via the COMFORT+ mobile app.

Adventure-Ready Accessories

Roof Rack Cross Bars

Numerous Toyota models can equip roof cross bars to haul extra cargo on any adventure you plan on taking. Designed to mount on your vehicle’s existing roof rails, Toyota’s cross bars act as a secure tie-down part for any additional roof rack accessories.




Shop Accessories at Downtown Toyota

Come down to our Downtown Toyota dealership in Toronto for all of your accessory needs throughout the cold weather months. Our professional parts department staff are waiting and ready to assist you. Come by our location in Downtown Toronto, today!