Tire Storage in Toronto, ON

Why Store Your Tires at Downtown Toyota

Seasonal changes can be drastic here in Ontario, so stay ahead of your seasonal tire changes, and help protect your tires by storing them with the team here at Downtown Toyota. Your tires are an extremely important part of your vehicle, helping deliver the traction, performance and control that you demand. They can also be cumbersome and difficult to store, especially if you don’t have adequate space to do so yourself. Get rid of the stress of wondering what to do with your extra tires, and let Downtown Toyota store them for you.

Tires at Downtown Toyota

Storage Space

Lacking appropriate storage space and forcing extra tires into your apartment doesn’t feel good. Your extra seasonal tires may also take up a large space in a tool shed or storage closet. If you’re feeling tight on space, let Downtown Toyota handle the stress for you.
Tires at Downtown Toyota

Climate Control

Many people do not know this, but tires should be stored at appropriate temperatures. Toronto can fluctuate between extreme heat and cold, and if you’re not careful with your at-home tire storage, you could potentially be damaging your tires. Downtown Toyota will store your tires for you in a temperature-controlled environment, ensuring the maximum quality of life for your tires.
Tires at Downtown Toyota


Downtown Toyota ensures that you have an extra piece of mind by storing your tires in an extremely secure location. You won’t have to worry about losing your tires from keeping them out in the open, or a poorly secured tool shed.

Store Your Tires at Downtown Toyota

Take the stress out of tire storage when you choose to store your extra tires with the professionals at Downtown Toyota. The best news yet, when you’re ready to swap out your tires for your next seasonal tire change, your extra tires will be on-site with us. Choose Downtown Toyota for the best in tire care, storage, and all of your service needs.