Summer Performance Tires in Toronto, ON

We know the importance of getting winter tires, here in Canada, but what about when the weather gets nice? Did you know that there are tires specially designed to give you particularly good performance on the summer roads? All-season tires are great for most of the year, but if you want an excellent drive when the weather is nice, you might consider getting a set of summer performance tires. Join the team here at Downtown Toyota in Toronto, ON, as we explain the benefits of these warm-weather tires.

Why Summer Tires?

Summer tires are in some ways the opposite of winter tires. Unlike all-season tires, which are designed to adequately perform in a variety of situations, summer performance tires are made with warm-weather driving in mind. They have fewer grooves in the tread, allowing more rubber to make contact with the pavement, and the rubber becomes more flexible in temperatures above 7 degrees, so they get excellent traction. This allows your vehicle to drive with improved fuel economy, make corners tighter, and even helps with hard braking.




What If It Rains?

Sometimes it rains, and summer tires are engineered to handle a wet road as well as they do a dry one. The grooving in the treat is designed to push water away from the tire, allowing the vehicle to keep a better grip on the road, and help reduce the risk of hydroplaning while passing through puddles.





What If It Gets Cold?

Well, these are called “summer tires” for a reason. Unlike your winter tires, summer performance tires get firm when the temperature starts to dip below 7 degrees. This will impact their ability to keep hold of the road, and cause additional stress on them which could cause them to wear out faster. Once it gets cold, it’s time to switch back to your winter tires.




Get Your Summer Tires at Downtown Toyota

Not only do we offer an assortment of all-season, winter, and summer tires, we also offer tire storage for your off-season tires. Inquire about our secure, climate controlled facility the next time you schedule a tire swap. If you need new tires for your vehicle, be sure to visit the Downtown Toyota in Toronto, ON, today.