Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection in Toronto, ON

Regularly servicing your vehicle is one of the best things you can do to maintain its long-term health. Book your multi-point inspection here at Downtown Toyota and have an experienced professional check every vehicle’s essential components. This service is ideally completed once or twice a year to ensure your Toyota is functioning at peak performance. If you’re curious about what a multi-point inspection looks like, follow along as we outline some of the key components that we examine.

What Gets Examined In a Multi-Point Inspection?

Our factory-trained technicians go through an extensive list to ensure that working order:
Engine: Our team examines your engine, ensuring that the air filter and drive belts are in working condition.

Fluids:  The extensive list of fluids in your vehicle are examined. Fluids are topped off when necessary and quality is also examined. Essential fluids include transmission, steering, brake and washer fluid. Engine oil and coolant are also checked.

Brakes: Our professionals check your brake pads to see if they’re in proper working condition.

Battery: Battery health is examined, as we check for rust and corrosion. We also examine your battery’s output.

HVAC: Your vehicle’s HVAC system contains your radiator, air conditioning and heater. We make sure all these systems are in the correct working order.

Functions: Every vehicle function is examined. This includes everything from the power windows to locking systems, the horn, push-start, and also includes mirror adjustment.

Lights: The lighting systems are examined, this includes, headlights, taillights, high beams, turn signals, brake lights, as well as your vehicle’s interior lighting.

Exhaust: Our professionals check the exhaust system as well as your vehicle’s emissions.

Tires: Our team will check on the effectiveness of your tires, including tread and overall quality. Tire pressure is also measured.

Windshield: Both the windshield and windshield wipers are examined to ensure working order. The windshield is examined for potential chips and damage while the wipers are checked to ensure they don’t need to be replaced.

Underbody: Our technicians also check the vehicle’s underbody for rust and make sure that essential systems such as steering and suspension are functioning optimally.

When Do I Need a Multi-Point Inspection

All of the inventory at Downtown Toyota has had a multi-point inspection conducted before going up for sale. After purchasing, your vehicle should be inspected every year or two, especially if you’re behind the wheel of an older model.





Schedule Your Inspection with Downtown Toyota

If it’s been a while since your vehicle has had an inspection, or if anything seems out of the ordinary while you’re behind the wheel, contact the professionals here at Downtown Toyota in Toronto. Get your vehicle booked in with us and have a trusted service team in Toronto take a closer look. Contact Downtown Toyota for your service appointment, today.