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Decoding Your Dashboard Lights | Toronto, ON

Decoding Your Dashboard Lights | Toronto, ON
The warning and indicator lights on the dashboard are designed to warn you of problems your vehicle is experiencing and alert you to maintenance it will need soon. Here are six of the most important dashboard lights you should know about before you get behind the wheel.

Check Engine Light

Battery Warning Light

Check Engine Light | Toronto, ON
If your vehicle’s yellow check engine light glows steadily, it’s probably because of an engine problem or maintenance issue that needs to be dealt with eventually but not urgently. If the light is blinking, it’s likely a serious problem that should be checked out immediately.
Battery Warning Light | Toronto, ON
Your vehicle’s battery warning light is a sign of something wrong with the charging system — like a bad alternator, a loose connection, or a weak battery. If this red light comes on, get your vehicle checked promptly

Temperature Warning Light

Tire Pressure Monitoring Light

Temperature Warning Light | Toronto, ON
This red light means your engine is too hot, whether from lack of coolant or something far worse. If this light comes on, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so — driving with an overheated engine can severely damage your vehicle.
Tire Pressure Monitoring Light | Toronto, ON
When this yellow light comes on, it’s telling you that at least one of your tires is low on air. You don’t have to stop driving, but make a note to stop soon, check your tires’ pressure, and air them up as needed.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Brake Warning Light

Oil Pressure Warning Light | Toronto, ON

If you see this red light, don’t ever ignore it. It means your oil pressure is too low, either because you need to add oil or because something isn’t working right. Driving with low oil pressure is a good way to hurt your engine, so pull over right away to check the oil or seek assistance.

Brake Warning Light | Toronto, ON(1).jpg
The red brake warning light means there’s something wrong with the system that helps your vehicle stop safely. Don’t delay — get it looked at soon.
Whether your dashboard lights are warning you of an emergency or drawing your attention to a routine maintenance need, you can get the expert assistance you need with an appointment at our service department at Downtown Toyota in Toronto.

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