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Advantages of Servicing at a Dealership | Toronto, ON

Owning a vehicle can be a big responsibility and ensuring your vehicle is taken care of is a vital part of car ownership. To keep your ride running smoothly, you have to make sure you keep up with regular maintenance. Whether you’re looking to give your Toyota its routine oil change or need to get a repair completed, you will need to decide whether to take your vehicle in to your local garage or a car dealership. Should you bring your car into a local garage or head to Downtown Toyota? Here are some reasons why you should consider servicing your car at our dealership.

There are many types of service that you need to know about to keep your vehicle running smoothly over the long run. That’s why it’s important that you understand your vehicle, what it needs, and what we here at Downtown Toyota can offer you.
If you bring your vehicle in to our service centre, our technicians will ensure that your vehicle is taken care of, issue a proper diagnosis if you’re experiencing issues, and make repairs efficiently and correctly. Whether you need a routine oil change, a tire rotation, or something more specific, we have you covered.  

Certified Technicians & Genuine OEM Parts

Certified Technicians

Well-trained automotive technicians can be found everywhere, but only dealership technicians are trained specifically for your car make and models, and we are no exception. Our Toyota-trained technicians understand your vehicle and how it should be prepared in the most efficient way possible. They have expert-level knowledge of your vehicle, helping them easily identify and treat any issues your vehicle might experiencing. Their ongoing training also helps them use only the best, most up-to-date methods for fixing your vehicle.

Quality Parts

When your car needs to be fixed, a dealership service centre only uses genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. These parts are exactly the same as those already in your vehicle, which means they are measured to fit perfectly and won’t affect your car’s ability to run in the future.
Here at Downtown Toyota, our Toyota Parts Centre is the go-to place for genuine manufacturer parts. These genuine parts are:

  • Manufactured specifically for your model, the model year and model trim level
  • Exact replicas of the parts that your vehicle originally had
  • The best option in regard to fit, overall quality, and performance

Warranties & Customer Amenities


When your vehicle is repaired at a dealership, a warranty will also likely cover the repair and parts. That means that a Toyota dealership can complete any routine maintenance or repairs potentially at no cost — or low cost — to you.
For example, the typical Toyota New Vehicle Warranty includes:

  • Basic Complete Vehicle Warranty: 3 years/60,000 km*
  • Powertrain Warranty: 5 years/100,000 km*
  • Hybrid Component Warranty: 8 years/160,000 km*
Other potential warranties that your car can receive from us after repair include:
  • Replacement Parts Warranty: 24 months/40,000 km*
  • Accessory Warranty: 3 years/60,000 km if you purchase accessories during your new-vehicle purchase; 12 months/20,000 km or the balance of the New Vehicle Basic Warranty if you purchase accessories after your new-vehicle purchase*
  • Replacement Battery Warranty: 24 months


Customer Amenities

If you bring your vehicle into a dealership, you will find many perks. From shuttles to and from the dealership so that your busy life schedule isn’t interrupted to refreshments and a relaxing atmosphere in the waiting area, you will find servicing at a dealership more convenient than going to a local garage.

*Whichever comes first

Brake Maintenance, Oil Changes, & More

Service Your Vehicle | Toronto, ON

Brake Maintenance

Taking care of your vehicle’s brakes can go a long way towards helping you — and others — stay safe out on the road. Part of this involves understanding the signs your brakes exhibit when they need to be replaced. Discover more about these signs, and keep an eye out for them while you’re out on the road.

Oil Changes

Routine maintenance, especially changing your oil, is a big part of car ownership — but why is it so important to your vehicle’s health? We delve into the benefits of regular oil changes here.

Tire Care

Your vehicle’s tires help keep your vehicle on the road. However, low pressure or worn treads can decrease your vehicle’s safety and efficiency. Read on to learn more about how regular tire maintenance can better prepare you to take on the road ahead.  

Air Filter Replacement

City driving can cause pollutants to enter your car’s cabin — and your engine. However, air filtration can help prevent this from happening. Here’s a closer look at why your car’s air filters are so important.

Decoding Dashboard Lights

Dashboard indicators can go a long way toward preventing big issues with your vehicle. Do you know what these indicators mean, though? Check out this guide to your dashboard warning lights and when you need to come in for service.
Visit Downtown Toyota, give us a call at (416) 465-5471, or contact us online to learn more about the advantages of servicing at a dealership.

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